a view across a lake surrounded by evergreens.


Number in your group

From a minimum of 4 persons to a maximum of 48 in winter months and 60 in the summer, early fall, and late spring. (Large groups of several of your own alano society members may require our special coordination and attention)

Length of Stay

We welcome your group to experience this beautiful setting, wonderful accommodations, and amenities from just a weekend, up to an entire one week.


Our Lakeplace Foundation or Lakeplace Retreat Center does not provide for food or coordination of its preparation, however, has a supply of cooking essentials and cleaning materials.

Rules of Conduct, Policies, and Procedures

Our Lakeplace Foundation maintains a publication of various reasonable expectations by your group and individuals. Please call 218-910-0800 or request information through our “Contact Us” page of this website.


Our Lakeplace Foundation understands and respects the meaning of “anonymous” among those we are dedicated to serve. Except for the individual requesting information or making reservations we maintain no lists of those participating.

Group Activities

As indicated by this website and our video tour, we have allowed an adequate number of meeting spaces within a variety of living and other community gathering areas. In addition, for larger groups, the kitchen and attached auditorium in the main Fellowship Lodge can be made available upon request.

Speakers and Meetings

We strongly support your arranging content for your own group retreat meetings or your interaction with other groups. However, unless requested for our participation, we also understand the necessary independence and security of your individual group members without interference.

Internet and Cable TV

Yes, in all lodging facilities and one of the four cabins.


This offer for your Alano group individuals is made without cost or obligation. However, donations for either our Housekeeping staff or The Lakeplace Foundation (501c3 Non-Profit) will be gratefully accepted


Please call our office at 218-910-0800 to register a convenient time for your group. It is our hope, you will be able to “lock-in” the same time year after year as other AA, NA and Alanon members have been accustomed to at Lakeplace for many years.

Remaining Questions?

Please use the “Contact Us” page of this website or call our Lakeplace foundation offices directly at 218-910-0800
Thank You!!!

Please Note:
The information contained in this website and its “Video Tour” is intended for the proposed, future exclusive use by Alano societies and separate AA, NA, AlAnon and Associated Couples groups. In the meantime, The Lakeplace Foundation is providing accommodations and services for these groups at the referred to: Lakeplace Cabins and its Guest House.

Please use the “Contact Us” page of this website or call The Lakeplace Foundation and Lakeplace Retreat Center Staff directly at 218-910-0800 with any remaining questions

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